Recommend the most suitable automotive LED headlights

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       Car LED headlights are set in energy-saving, efficient, power-saving, environmental protection, fast speed response, long service life, good color temperature, easy to pass the New Year inspection many advantages in the car headlights have been widely used. Let the car friends love it.

      That's its powerful magic, recommended for the most suitable car LED headlights.

Lixing C.M.S A8F lamp two sides 360 degrees light, with the original lamp cup reflection, light utilization rate increased by 50%, instant start, the use of aluminum alloy material , double-sided copper, 4010 speed fan, to solve the problem of high temperature cooling.

      All-in-one design, non-destructive installation, easy installation.

      Energy-saving design: 30W to reach 3800 lumen light flux, so that the lights better, brighter.

      It is 60% more energy efficient than the original car halogen lamp and 3 times brighter.

      This LED lamp needs a special drive power supply, effectively guarantee the brightness life of the headlights. 30000 hours of long service life, 1 C.M.S LED lamp , 60 original car halogen lamps, according to this cost calculation, or LED lamp price comparison advantages, effective to ensure driving safety factor.

An LED lamp for your headlights is recommended for you.