LiXing car front LED headlights, night conqueror

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       Cars in the dark, headlights must need to be turned on, from a high point to see the road car a light, or a very beautiful scenery.

       But for drivers, in order to maintain safe driving, is the most important at night. In order to better solve the problem of the night's invisible, the introduction of LiXing car front LED headlights, night conqueror. The best state of a good headlight is lumen to be within a reasonable range, too bright, too dark, will directly affect the line of sight. The large lumen values on the market are all false labels. In fact, the excessive pursuit of lumen itself is a mistake.

       The key is to look at the actual needs,

        And LiXing car front LED headlights are characterized by long life, there is no loose part of the lamp beads, there is no said to be easy to burn, light decay, heat deposition and other shortcomings, under the appropriate voltage, the service life can be as long as 50,000 hours. Why car LED lights need to be equipped with decoders, because many cars from different countries, in order to better compatible multi-model, improve the pass-through rate, equipped with decoders, so that the lights on without fault code prompt. Driving is smoother at night.