Halogen Lamp VS Automotive LED Headlight Comparison

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      On roads where there is no street lighting, whether the car's exposure is bright or not plays a crucial role. Many car owners compare LED lights, began to complain that their halogen lamps and fireflies glow, facing pedestrians, or potholed roads, will inevitably give people a high level of mental tension, many tragedies are caused by lack of sight. Today to give you a comparison, look at halogen lamp VS car LED headlight comparison, after replacement, so that you no longer worry about night driving safe driving.

    It has to be admitted that halogen lamps in rain and fog days penetration is stronger, but there are still more limitations, car owners generally reflect that the brightness is not high enough, the radiation distance is short, especially through the tunnel, the lights can not be started immediately, at any time there is a danger, the consequences are not unimaginable.

      Halogen lamps are seriously unable to meet driving requirements. And car LED lights have a strong advantage, and LED through the light-emitting diode light-emitting, directly speaking electrical energy into light energy, 35W high power. About 3200 lumens, 6000-6500K color temperature, life of about 30,000 hours. Light speed to reach subtle, the use of the new century 3570 fifth-generation LED bulb, has been through the principle of light refraction, to make a full optimization program, do not worry about the problem of light dispersion!